Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Blizzard Paying Users To Speak Well About Diablo?

According to Shady Internet Site #8, Blizzard has been paying hackers $5 a day to post on other sites and say good things about Diablo. Personally, I think It's bogus. Unless these guys are getting Blizzard 10+ subscribers a day, this wouldn't exactly be profitable for them. It also doesn't make sense considering how highly regarded Blizzard is as a gaming company.

Speaking of which, this whole story reminded me of back in March when a guy admitted to trolling other sites in order to make EA look good. Kind of gives meaning to the word 'Professional Troll'.

"There's about 560 full and part time people that do my (old) job at EA. Other companies have people in similar positions, no idea how many though."


  1. I was thinking that Blizzard is a company which doesn't need this kind of PR :/

  2. i dont believe in this! Blizzard make awesome games and dont need that kind of marketing

  3. I don't think they even need that, people already love Diablo, and everybody speaks well about it in real life too

  4. This could be truth..

  5. Blizzard dont need this! Everybody loves Diablo!

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