Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nintendo 3DS.

Just saw a video on YouTube about the Nintendo 3DS. It was a trailer with a few games like OoT, some Mario game, Animal Crossing, etc. I think it looks pretty awesome and might buy one when it comes out this March.

P.S. would like to thank all the support I've been getting. I appreciate it all. I've mailed a few of my followers so check your inbox/e-mail when you get the time.


I have a pet cat named Agumon. Got him when I was 12 years old and have had him for nine years now. Love the little fucker to death. What pets do you guys have?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Web Browser.

Last year I started using Mozilla Firefox after using Internet Explorer for about six years. But just about a month ago I began using Chrome and I like it a lot better. What do you guys use?


I bought some yellow cake mix and mashed up three bananas and put it in with it. Then I stuck it in the oven and when it was done I ate it and it was the best freaking cake ever. I recommend everyone try it because it's so easy to make. What's your favorite dessert?

EDIT: Yes, I added Lemon icing. Works out perfect.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The 90's.

What was your guys' favorite thing about the 1990's? I loved the cartoons. Digimon, Hey Arnold!, Rugrats, Rocko's Modern Life, Aah! Real Monsters, Double Dare, Amanda Show, etc. Good times.

Shopping Online.

Does anyone ever or have you ever shopped online? I won this $60.00 Amazon gift card and ended up buying Halo 3, Dead Space and Grand Theft Auto IV. All used of course but still in great condition. And I bought my mom this Marilyn Monroe keychain and my sister this Turtle Necklace. All for under $60.00 and they came within a few days. Thought it worked out pretty well.

Best Season?

Isn't it supposed to be Fall by now? Today it was like 97 degrees outside and I had to have the air conditioner on all day. My favorite season is Fall though. The color of the leaves, Halloween AND MY BIRTHDAY is exciting.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall Television Schedule.

Has your favorite show started yet? Have you started watching a new show? I watched this The Ev3nt thing and thought it was pretty good. Survivor began about two weeks ago and it's one of my favorite shows. The Amazing Race was on last night and I got it on DVR but haven't watched it yet. And of course there's Dexter. But I don't have Showtime so I need to find other ways to watch it.

Three Wishes?

If you could have any three wishes granted what would you pick?

- 1 billion dollars.
- Have a better singing voice.
- Be able to talk to every animal/plant.

Yeah I think that would be pretty badass.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Super Heroes.

So who is your guys' favorite super hero and if you could have powers what would you have?

My favorite is Spider-Man. I love the movies, the show and the comics. For my graduation present my friend got me a Spider-Man bank thing which holds coins. It's pretty cool but I haven't used it yet, even though I got it a few years ago.

If I had powers I think I would like to be the Phoenix from X-Men. I used to want to have the healing power like Wolverine but I think I would eventually grow tired of being alive and losing everyone close to me. Plus, the Phoenix has a badass name. Haha.


So if you could go on vacation to anywhere, where would you go?

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Added a bit more by request.

Favorite Games
- Final Fantasy IX
- Perfect Dark
- Grand Theft Auto
- Animal Crossing
- Pokemon
- Mario Kart
- Diablo II: LoD
- Spider-Man 2
- Kingdom Hearts
- Super Mario Sunshine
- Digimon World 3
- Fable

Favorite Shows
- Lost
- Dexter
- Prison Break
- Malcolm in the Middle
- Breaking Bad
- Survivor
- Hey Arnold!

Favorite Movies
- Spider-Man
- The Lion King
- Toy Story
- Zodiac
- Sunshine
- Up
- Wedding Crashers
- First three Pokemon movies

- X-Box 360
I've been using my X-Box more and more lately. I bought three games off Amazon like two weeks ago: Halo 3, Grand Theft Auto 4 and Dead Space. Played Halo 3 a bit and it was pretty fun. Don't play many shooter games. Haven't opened Dead Space yet but I heard really good things which is why I got it. But I've played Grand Theft Auto 4 the most. I got as far as killing those guys in the warehouse and the police came. The reason I bought an X-Box 360 was for the game Fable 2. Beaten it twice so far and looking forward for #3. 

- Nintendo Wii
I have a few games for the Nintendo Wii. Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, Super Mario Galaxy, LoZ: TP, Harvest Moon, Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I haven't spent as much time playing these games. They're alright but i prefer previous games from past systems like from N64 and the GameCube.

- Playstation 3
Don't really use this much. I only bought it because my mom offered to about three years ago and I missed playing my old Playstation games like FF9 and Kingdom Hearts, and I didn't really want to buy another Playstation 2 and have it break. 

Feel free to comment and recommend more. I'm pretty easy to please.