Saturday, September 25, 2010


Added a bit more by request.

Favorite Games
- Final Fantasy IX
- Perfect Dark
- Grand Theft Auto
- Animal Crossing
- Pokemon
- Mario Kart
- Diablo II: LoD
- Spider-Man 2
- Kingdom Hearts
- Super Mario Sunshine
- Digimon World 3
- Fable

Favorite Shows
- Lost
- Dexter
- Prison Break
- Malcolm in the Middle
- Breaking Bad
- Survivor
- Hey Arnold!

Favorite Movies
- Spider-Man
- The Lion King
- Toy Story
- Zodiac
- Sunshine
- Up
- Wedding Crashers
- First three Pokemon movies

- X-Box 360
I've been using my X-Box more and more lately. I bought three games off Amazon like two weeks ago: Halo 3, Grand Theft Auto 4 and Dead Space. Played Halo 3 a bit and it was pretty fun. Don't play many shooter games. Haven't opened Dead Space yet but I heard really good things which is why I got it. But I've played Grand Theft Auto 4 the most. I got as far as killing those guys in the warehouse and the police came. The reason I bought an X-Box 360 was for the game Fable 2. Beaten it twice so far and looking forward for #3. 

- Nintendo Wii
I have a few games for the Nintendo Wii. Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, Super Mario Galaxy, LoZ: TP, Harvest Moon, Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I haven't spent as much time playing these games. They're alright but i prefer previous games from past systems like from N64 and the GameCube.

- Playstation 3
Don't really use this much. I only bought it because my mom offered to about three years ago and I missed playing my old Playstation games like FF9 and Kingdom Hearts, and I didn't really want to buy another Playstation 2 and have it break. 

Feel free to comment and recommend more. I'm pretty easy to please.


  1. i could never get into prison break :/

  2. ever played Final Fantasy XI?

    check out my blog:


  3. btw you should post more to get a good ratio, can't wait to read it....

  4. You have excellent taste. When I found out that I have to wait till 2011 for the next breaking bad season- I threw up all over my lab coat.

  5. Oblivion and Fallout 3 need to be added. =)

  6. Malcolm in the Middle my favorite! =)

  7. invest in the ps3 more, deff worth your time

  8. i dont doubt for a sec you dont get to use your ps3 much we got them all and the xbox sits ther and collects dust for the most part