Friday, July 1, 2011

Oh, Canada.

Since today is Canada Day, it only makes sense for me to discuss it. Although a lot of people from America (including myself) like to make fun of Canada for its bagged milk, hockey and the way they pronounce their words, it's actually a really pretty place and has a lot of beautiful women. Another good thing about Canada is, if you somehow got hurt it would be fine because they have free health care.

If you really enjoy the cooler weather then Canada is the place for you. It doesn't snow all the time or anything, but generally the weather is colder. But like I said, today is Canada Day, which is basically like Canada's birthday. They do a lot of the same things we do during Independance Day. Stuff like light fireworks, watch concerts and have BBQs.

As to what there actually is to do there, it depends what you like to do. They have a little bit of everything. There are a lot of great towns you can visit like Toronto and Victoria. There are other activities like kayaking, mountain climbing, canoeing, skiing, going to Niagra Falls, etc.

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  1. i love canada really cool place

  2. As an American, there are times I'd much rather be a Canadian ;)

  3. Canada is cool. Visit Vancouver instead of Victoria. It's like a central hub that gets you access to places like Whistler or Kelowna. :)

  4. canada doesn't get enough credit